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I provide a range of hydrological services to organisations and individuals. These services are principally organised around the topics below, but I'm happy working on most hydrological related problems. I carry out my work both directly for people and organisations who need help and indirectly via other consultancies.

I undertake research and development in a number of areas of hydrology, my principal areas of interest are currently historic flood recreation from literary sources, the use of water quality indicators in assessing flow paths in the uplands and the use of flood seasonality within flood frequency analysis. Please contact me if you have a hydrological problem you need some help with.

Hydropower and Water Resources

  • Hydropower optimisation and management strategies.

  • Water resources assessment and risk management for hydropower and water supply.

  • Catchment rainfall-runoff modelling.

  • Low flow estimation.

Water Quality

  • Water quality risk and impact assessments.

  • Construction water quality monitoring and reporting.

  • Water quality modelling.

  • In-situ and extractive monitoring.

Habitat Restoration

  • Hydrological input to land and water restoration projects.

  • Identification of improvements to hydrological processes for habitat restoration.

  • Hydrological monitoring for project assurance purposes.


  • Advice and design of rural drainage for estates, farms, forestry, infrastructure and private dwellings.

  • Assessment and advice on problematic drainage.

  • Development of aesthetically pleasing drainage solutions.

  • Land drainage audits - surveying, mapping and condition assessment of drainage assets.

Flood Risk

  • Pre and post planning flood risk advice.

  • Flood risk assessments.

  • Historic flood reviews, literature and ground searches.

  • Post-flood information and data gathering.

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Hydrology/water scope of Environmental Impact Assessments.

  • Peer review of third party assessments.

  • Mitigation design and monitoring.

  • Stakeholder consultation.


  • Advice on regulatory requirements for development in the water environment.

  • Assessment of compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • CAR license application and monitoring for abstractions, discharges and engineering activities.


  • Provision of additional resourcing support in times of high workload.

  • Specialist support for water resource modelling and flood frequency studies.

  • Water resource modelling assistance including model development, analysis and auditing.

  • Independent auditing of work.

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